Without money and with parents, but happy

Young people between the ages of 15 and 29 want to be emancipated, but they do not have a stable job or their salary does not reach them; they give great importance to friendship and see the 'botellón' as a social relation; They are tolerant and optimistic
The majority of young Spaniards (69%) aged 15 to 29 are forced to live with their parents, although many (67%) would like to enjoy their own home. 60% claim that lack of work prevents them from becoming independent. Although they have low salaries, they are optimistic and happy or very happy (49.6%). 90% is tolerant of other races, religions, etc. For the most part, the most important thing is friends. 45% are studying.

This is the profile of the young Spaniards drawn by the Youth Report in Spain 2004 , carried out by the Youth Institute (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs). The sample is 5,014 interviews and covers the entire national territory.

For necessity

The young prolong their stay in the house of the parents in order to continue studying to face the labor market, as explained by the authors of the study on presenting it. «Many times they make their own lives; they are not with the parents for the comforts, rather it is a necessity ", explains Jaime Andreu, one of the professors who has prepared the report.

How to get money is one of the biggest problems: 76% lack complete economic autonomy, and only 21% live mainly on their income. The leisure activity in which they invest more money is in going out with friends (60%); the cinema follows him by far (13%).

Have fun together

Among the forms of entertainment, and apart from drinking traditionally with friends, the bottle is still booming, that beyond a drinking meeting is interpreted by the majority as a form of social relationship, according to the authors of the study .

Victims of a great consumerism, young people are the ones who use the most new technologies: nine out of ten usually use their mobile phones.

Foreigners have children before

In 2004, 450,000 young foreigners (aged between 16 and 29) lived in Spain in a regular situation. Of them, 4.1% live alone and 95.9%, accompanied by other people. Immigrants are more concerned about starting a family: foreigners have their first child at 21 years of age, while in Spain they are almost 23. With 72% of young immigrants who do not have children, 19% do. and, of them, 2% have more than three. 45% of young foreigners have a stable partner and live with her.

Difficult fatherhood

72.3% of those who live as a couple do not have children. Revenue is the main brake. Between 64 and 77% of men want to have children. This desire is between 76 and 86% of women.

With experience

81% have had satisfactory sexual relations. 9.9% of women became pregnant without wanting it. The age of the first experience is 17.3 years for them and 18 for them.

On weekend

66.7% of respondents had consumed alcohol during the last weekend, but they barely taste it every day. 58.3% said that they drink alcohol, 30.2% never drank and 11.5% drank, but no longer drink.

Differences by sex


Do you live with parents? 72% remain at the family's home. 21% have their own house. Half goes from home to 30.

What would you do if you had more money? 27.7% have it very clear: I would buy a car or a motorcycle if I could.

Why would you emigrate? 50.6% would leave the country for work. 32%, however, would never consider emigrating.

How much leisure do you have? They have 29.2 hours of free time per week.

How much do you watch? They spend 28.5 hours watching television.

How many books did you read in the last year? 21.4% only read between two and three books last year.

Do you read newspapers? 30.9%, daily. 20 minutes is the only free they say they read in the survey.

Do you use the internet? 43.7% use the Network an average of 9 hours a week.

Do you smoke? 32.3% smoke.

Cannabis use? 46.6% have tried it and 16.20% smoke it.

Do you devote time to domestic work? 33.1% do domestic chores, but less than them. Half do it only during the weekend.


Do you live with parents? 65% live with their parents. 27%, in own house. 50% becomes independent at 29.

What would you do if you had more money? Women are more imprecise: they would do more things, but they do not usually specify which ones.

Why would you emigrate? 49.5% would leave Spain for work reasons.
29.8% would not leave the country.

How much leisure do you have? They enjoy a total of 27.1 hours a week.

How much do you watch? They spend 26.5 hours in front of the television.

How many books did you read in the last year? They read more: 25.7%, two or three books a year. 18% read four to six.

Do you read newspapers? 20.2%, every day. In the survey they only say read a free: 20 minutes.

Do you use the internet? 38.7% have an Internet connection (they sail 9 hours per week).

Do you smoke? They are more addicted to tobacco: they smoke 35.2%.

Cannabis use? 27.3% have tried it and 7.3% consume it.

Do you devote time to domestic work? The vast majority (78%) devote hours to work at home. They organize themselves better than they do, since they distribute household chores between all the days of the week.