They uncover in Alicante a continued fraud in public subsidies and arrest 25 people

Fraude fiscal

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The National Police has uncovered a continuing fraud in obtaining public subsidies by a textile business group in Alicante , after arresting 25 people accused of having defrauded 484,608 euros in direct aid and over one million euros in loans in five years without interests

Those arrested allegedly falsified invoices from suppliers to obtain economic aid summoned by state and autonomous public agencies, according to a statement from the National Police.

The police investigations were initiated after the complaint of an extrabajador of a textile business group of Alicante In addition to the business group investigated, agents found that fourteen companies located in the provinces of Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Barcelona would have been necessary cooperators of this illegal activity .


Of the twenty-five people allegedly involved in the plot, twenty-four were arrested in Alicante and one in Barcelona.

The investigations began after a complaint from a former textile company , who said that in the period of time in which he was part of the merchant, just over a year, he was aware of the systematic, organized and continued falsification of invoices for obtaining subsidies improperly.

Last May, the agents captured the two top managers of the company for an alleged crime of fraud to public subsidies and registered the headquarters of that society, where they intervened documentation, among other effects.

The other 23 people allegedly involved in the plot were arrested in the next phases of the operation. The police officers verified the existence of duplicate invoices with different concepts, adapted to what was required in the calls for subsidies, and that they had also falsified documents to obtain these aids.

Likewise, they found out that, when the company was aware of the call for a public subsidy, its representatives met with those responsible for a textile business association, in charge of mediating between the merchant and the public body granting the aid.

Justification of expenses

Afterwards, the association sent him a document detailing the justification of expenses, the use of suppliers , the minimum amount to justify, the period of the invoices to explain the expenses and their concept.

With all this information, the textile company gathered the necessary documentation -nolines and certificates, mainly- to request the help.

It also extracted a list of the accounts of the merchant of the supplier and the desired date for the justification of the expenses , while selecting the necessary invoices to reach the minimum required in the subsidy.

For its part, the supplier company altered the concept of previously sent invoices and sent it back to the textile merchant. Thus, the mercantile presented the modified invoices and the required documentation to the public body , which paid the subsidy requested in its entirety when it ignored the irregularity of that justification.

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