Telematics tariffs in motor insurance: Axa mixes up market News always well informed
With Axa, the next car insurance has now brought a so-called telematics tariff on the market. This is only aimed at young drivers and works via a smartphone app. In addition, the driving behavior of motorists is not permanently monitored, but only for a certain period. The company thus sets itself apart from offers from other insurers.
Kfz-Versicherung: Axa startet Telematik-Tarif
Monitoring the driving style of motorists via telematics tariffs

For young drivers car insurance is usually very expensive . Because the lack of driving experience has a negative impact on the contribution amount. All the more interesting for inexperienced drivers so-called telematics tariffs. Anyone who is prepared to monitor and evaluate their driving behavior via a black box or an app can significantly reduce the premium for car insurance . A corresponding tariff now offers the Axa. “Axa DriveCheck” is aimed exclusively at young drivers up to 25 years. Compared to many other providers, the driving style of the insured is not recorded permanently, but in a freely selectable period of a maximum of twelve weeks .

Axa: Discount already at decision for telematics tariff

Persons hoping to save on the new Axa telematics tariff must have their driving behavior monitored for at least 600 kilometers during 40 individual journeys. The insurer provides a smartphone app for this purpose. This assesses braking, acceleration, speed and cornering , taking into account the traffic and weather conditions. The better the rating, the higher the discount insured can expect. Up to 15 percent are possible . Motorists already get a 5% reduction on their choice of Axa telematics tariff.

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Telematics Tarik in motor insurance: Insurers are promising high savings

Axa is not the first car insurer to target its telematics tariff on young drivers. Sijox , a Signal Iduna brand, has also been offering car insurance for customers up to the age of 30 for some time, and the driving behavior can have a positive effect on the contribution. Here, a so-called OBD connector is used, which registers the driving style. The insurer promises a 15 percent discount at the conclusion of the “AppDrive” tariff; another 25 percent can be added with a very good rating from the car driver . However, car insurance is linked to the “My Mobility” insurance package, which includes traffic rights protection and accident insurance.

Criticism of telematics tariffs

In addition to Axa and sijox, other auto insurers such as S-Direkt, Admiral Direkt, VHV, Allianz and HUK-Coburg are now also offering or planning telematics tariffs. These differ for example in the promised contribution reduction. All so-called “pay as you drive” offers , however, has in common that they are controversial among privacy advocates . They fear the glass car driver. Although the companies like now Axa emphasize that “all data protection conditions are met, such as’ an encrypted data transmission, comprehensive information of users about data processing and a dedicated data collection and anonymization of the data.” Nevertheless , insured pay possible rebates on motor vehicle Insurance with the disclosure of a number of important personal data .

It is also questionable which factors constitute good or bad driving behavior . For example, full braking can have a negative impact on the rating. Whether this was necessary because the vehicle in front abruptly slowed down and thus an accident was avoided, is so far irrelevant or not measurable.

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