Rürup Rente Test 2014: HUK-Coburg, Allianz and Europe are ahead


Rürup Rente Test 2014: HUK-Coburg, Allianz and Europe are ahead

The current Rürup Rente Test 2014 examines both classic and unit-linked products. The Institute for Retirement and Financial Planning (IVFP) is the winner of the test for HUK-Coburg, Allianz and Europa. Despite good potential returns still too few savers trust in the so-called tax-interest-effect of Rürup pension.
Get high returns on the Rürup pension with a good fund

The current Rürup Rente Test 2014 shows that the top providers of the previous years can again place themselves at the top. When it comes to security and return, companies stick to what they have promised in the past. These two areas are also heavily weighted in the latest research. The so-called tax-interest-rate effect, with which both the Riester and Rürup pensions work, is currently particularly noteworthy. The managing director of the IVFP, Michael Hauer, explains: “The difference between the tax relief of the (pension) contribution and the (subsequent) pension taxation is currently a respectable ten percent. Between 2020 and 2025, this will even increase to 15 percent. ” The Rürup pension – or basic pension – offers tax benefits and the returns for savers are not solely due to interest income. Therein lies the strength of pension products.

“The basic pension is particularly suitable for the 50plus generation due to its tax advantage . Anyone who is currently complaining about too low interest rates on their savings should be able to calculate the tax-interest-effect on the basic pension – after-tax returns of over four percent are possible. “

Michael Hauer, Managing Director of the IVFP

Test winner in the Rürup Rente Test 2014

The Rürup Rente Test 2014 examines three different investment models of private old-age provision: the classic Rürup pension and the unit-linked Rürup pension with and without a contribution guarantee. Anyone who invests in funds can generally achieve higher returns. However, this also entails a greater risk of loss. Customers who choose a contribution-guaranteed contract will have their paid-in chapter safe, but in the worst case they will have to forego capital gains. In the case of a unit-linked Rürup pension, the contributions either flow exclusively into investment funds (without contribution guarantee) or additionally into secure investments (with contribution guarantee). Depending on the provider, the money can be redeployed from poorly performing funds or it is fixed there.

Test winner classic Rürup pension

  • HUK-Coburg: Rürup pension tariff (overall grade 1.1)
  • Europe: basic pension (1,1)

Unit-linked Rürup pension with contribution guarantee

  • Alliance: Allianz BasisRente Invest alpha balance (1,4)
  • Alte Leipziger: ALfonds Basis (1,4)
  • Stuttgarter: Basic pension performance-safe (1,4)

Unit-linked Rürup pension without contribution guarantee

  • Europe: Funds Basic Pensions (1,2)
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How was tested in Rürup Rente Test 2014?

In the current 2014 Rürup Rente Test, a total of 74 performance criteria were examined in 126 tariffs. In addition to a secure corporate structure and good profits, flexibility and transparency were also crucial for the test result. For example, a good rating for transparency was provided by who exactly listed the costs of closing, sales and administration in one table. The test winners in the respective category were able to prove very good ratings (1.0), among other things.

Rürup Rente Test 2014 shows: 50 percent opt ​​for Rürup Rente

Although the private pension in the form of Rürup pension can achieve better profits than traditional capital-saving forms of savings, as a product in 2014 always “not yet arrived in sales.” This explained Michael Hauer to last year’s Rürup pension investigation of his institute. The Rürup pension was introduced to the self-employed about ten years ago. Those who are not eligible for the Riester pension can thus benefit from state support. Particularly worthwhile is the Rürup-saving for self-employed with a regular, good income – thus larger amounts can be deducted annually from the tax. Those who seek more in-depth advice on the possibilities of private old-age provision and have their personal tax advantage calculated decide on the basic pension in around 50 percent of the cases – according to the results of the IVFP.

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