Over 40 providers in occupational disability insurance comparison 2016


Over 40 providers in occupational disability insurance comparison 2016

Whether students, employees or self-employed: The current occupational disability insurance comparison 2016 of the business magazine € uro gives them a first orientation, which offer providers the best protection in case of disability. Significantly more insurers can convince than in the previous
Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung Vergleich 2016: Wo am besten versichert
Best disability insurance for employees and students

In the current occupational disability insurance comparison of € uro (08/2016) together with the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg, over 40 providers were tested for their services and premiums for four different customer groups: students, employees (bankers and sales managers) and self-employed . While a 23-year-old law student was used as a sample customer for students, a 45-year-old barber represents the group of self-employed. For employees, there are two model customers, a 30-year-old banker and a 45-year sales manager. The desired pension payment for occupational disability varies between 1,000 and 3,000 euros per month.

Occupational Disability Insurance Comparison 2016 shows big differences

For the current investigation, € uro has assessed, in addition to the contributions and benefits, which additional criteria the insurers meet. Thus, the tariffs get pluses, for example, if they offer a reintegration help or a Nachversicherungsgarantie. In this case, insured persons may adjust the amount of their occupational disability pension without a renewed health examination.

Overall, the experts give 29 times a very good rating . Compared to the previous year, more occupational disability insurance companies have convinced us in the test. However, eleven times the grade “insufficient” was distributed, many other offers are also poor, according to the testers.

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Best insurance for students inability to work: 5 top rates

According to the current test, five tariffs are available for students. Compared to the previous year, students thus have much more choice. At that time there was only a very good offer for her. In 2016, the following insurers secured the top grade:

  • Europe – starterVorsorge BU Premium
  • Volkswohl Bund – SBU Perfect Start
  • Nürnberger – Beginners BU according to tariff SBU2800FC
  • Gothaer – BU Premium with starter option
  • InterRisk – SBU tariff EcoPlan XL

11 other offers are rated as good , 13 as satisfactory, 11 as sufficient and 4 as poor. WGV (RLV I BUZ), VPV (SBU) and CosmosDirekt (RLV I entry-level BUZ comfort protection) receive only an insufficient grade in the 2016 occupational disability insurance comparison.

Occupational Disability Insurance Comparison 2016 offers first market overview

€ uro points out that “even the smallest deviations from the example case can lead to big differences” in the evaluation. Accordingly, in the customer group employees different rates get a very good rating, since the age, the occupation and the amount of the desired monthly pension differ for the two model customers.

Interested persons should therefore only take the occupational disability insurance test as a first orientation . As a next step, it is recommended to get a personal offer. It is possible with the help of an expert in the selection of a suitable disability insurance, to make anonymous inquiries. This minimizes the risk of receiving further negative feedback from other providers after a claim has been rejected by an insurer, for example due to pre-existing conditions.

Best disability insurance for employees:

  • Canada Life – SBU
  • Nürnberger – Self-employed BU according to tariff SBU2800C
  • HDI – SBU EGO Top
  • Iptiq Life SA – SBU Community Life Job

Only banker:

  • Gothaer – BU Premium
  • Dialog – SBU-professional
  • Basler – BU

Only sales manager:

  • Barmenia – SoloBU (L3651)
  • Stuttgart – BUV-PLUS, tariff 91
  • HanseMerkur – SBU Profi Care
  • Allianz – Disability Policies Plus (E 356)
  • ERGO – occupational disability insurance
  • Nuremberg officials insurance – self-employed BU according to tariff BSBU2800C

HUK24 (RLV 12.1 I BUZ BB-BUZ Premium 10.1), HUK-Coburg (RLV 12.2 I BUZ BB-BUZ Premium 10.1) and for bankers CosmosDirekt (RLV I BUZ Comfort Protection) and VPN (SBU) are rated insufficiently.

Best disability insurance 2016 for self-employed

In the field of self-employment, seven tariffs in the occupational disability insurance comparison receive a very good rating in 2016. These are:

  • ERGO – occupational disability insurance
  • Stuttgart – BUV-PLUS, tariff 91
  • Basler – occupational disability insurance
  • Europe – BU-Vorsorge Premium
  • Nürnberger – Self-employed BU according to tariff SBU2800C
  • ARAG – RLV (A131) I BUZ (B188)
  • ERGO Direct – SBU fare Q25

In contrast, CosmosDirekt (RLV I BUZ Comfort Protection) and R + V (BV03) are insufficient.

Here you will find tips and more information on occupational disability insurance.