Death benefit insurance: as bad as your reputation?

Wednesday, 19.08.15 , written by Anja Schlicht From the point of view of consumer advocates, a death benefit insurance is not one of the most recommended insurances. But the need is there, after all, older people do not want to burden the costs of their funeral with their relatives. Consultants have Sterbegeldversicherung für Beerdigungskosten vereinbaren

Be prepared for death

More than ten years ago, the statutory health insurance still paid a death grant, with which the cost of the funeral of the deceased could be paid. Even though the money was only a drop in the ocean after numerous cuts, legally insured persons could at least rely on financial support . But the performance has long been canceled . To be able to pay the cost of the funeral, without burdening survivors after death , interested parties can take out a death benefit insurance. It is used to set a certain amount that will be paid in the event of death, thus allowing a funeral that meets your own wishes.

Term life insurance as an alternative to the death benefit?

But consumer advocates are critical of the death benefit insurance. It is too expensive , the money could also save consumers through a bank account. But interest in life insurance continues to exist – perhaps because the money is being targeted , while a savings account could be used for other uses in the event of financial constraints. In addition, the citizens are late in dealing with the topic of dying and burial . The endorsement of term life insurance as an alternative to death benefit insurance, which is often recommended by consumer advocates, then threatens to fail because potential insureds are too old or have to pay high contributions as a result of a health examination.

The answer to the question of whether a death benefit insurance is worthwhile, must eventually provide a consultant. Because he knows the advantages and disadvantages of this insurance and can estimate based on his experience, how personally meaningful the hedge is. Tip: With you do not have to look for potential customers as a consultant. With us you can eplicitly buy leads on this topic at low prices and get in touch with people interested in closing quickly . Since the cost of a funeral can add up to several thousand euros depending on the type of funeral, the death benefit insurance as a cross-selling option is also an interesting form of provision for other older customers whose leads you can buy from the lead exchange.

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