• From mid-April to June, the chain has closed its 24 clinics in Spain.
  • Health recommends claiming and demanding records.
  • They open proceedings against the iDental clinics for a crime against health.

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The General Council of Dentists of Spain has announced its intention to file a complaint before the National Court against the iDental company, in addition to putting again before the Attorney General's Office the "unfortunate" situation generated after the closure of all clinics this chain in Spain.

Parallel to this complaint before the National Court "if appropriate", this body has assured in a statement made public this Sunday that the official colleges of dentists will inform the prosecution or the corresponding trial court these facts if they were " susceptible to possible scam " .

In this context, they have also announced that they will initiate the corresponding disciplinary proceedings , if the investigation proceedings carried out prove that the denounced facts could be sanctioned deontologically. In compliance with its aims of defending the "health" of citizens, this body has warned that it will maintain "zero tolerance" in this type of situation. It has done so after iDental from mid-April to this month of June, will close its 24 clinics in Spain.

Alicante (Alicante and Elche), Almería, Asturias (Gijón), Barcelona, ​​Cádiz (El Puerto de Santa María), Castellón (Betxí), Córdoba, Gerona, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid (Madrid and Rivas Vaciamadrid), Malaga, Murcia (Cobatillas), Salamanca (Santa Marta de Tormes), Santander, Segovia, Seville, Valencia (Valencia and Alfafar), Valladolid and Zaragoza are the cities in which the chain is located.

Treatments interrupted or not started

As reported by Facua-Consumidores en Acción days ago, at the closure of the centers are added the various irregularities that members of this organization have indicated in their claims "as malpractice, a defective provision of services, lack of adequate care and, in some cases, postponements and cancellations of appointments ".

Facua has reported that many patients "have stayed with their treatments interrupted or not started, after having given a quantity of money directly or previously through a financial". This association has enabled a platform of affected people through the internet, to which more than 226,000 people have already joined.

For its part, in the statement of the Council of Dentists made public this Sunday, this body asks all health departments of the affected autonomous communities "to proceed to the custody of the medical records of patients" affected, "in order to avoid possible deterioration and destruction and safeguard their rights ".

In addition, they have demanded from the administration and the corresponding judicial bodies, "the immediate intervention and the taking of measures aimed at solving the serious situation of defenselessness that affected patients are going through." Among other things, the Council has asked political parties and administrations to regulate health advertising in an "urgent and appropriate manner".

How to act

The dentists have recommended those affected to claim in the courts by civil or criminal as appropriate for the damages caused, while reminding those who do not have sufficient resources to go to the legal aid.

Also, that they keep all the documents they may have of the clinic, advertising leaflets, budgets, contracts, safeguards, among others; and that they put the corresponding claims, in addition to iDental, in the Department of Health and the General Directorate of Consumption.

Evaluate and analyze "carefully" other offers that may be received from this time of other clinics, financial, law firms, that offer to "solve" their situations, is another of the recommendations of the Council.

Recently, the new administrators of iDental announced through a statement that they were working to offer the "best possible solution" to the problems that afflict the company, with the aim of "solving the current situation of workers and employees."

The company is confident that " progress will be made in the coming weeks," according to the statement. In addition, the current administration of iDental reported that it had filed a "complaint against the previous management team for the irregularities detected in the management."

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