What became of … Elmer Bennett: one of the best foreign bases in the history of the ACB

Bennett, with the jersey of Joventut, in a match against Real Madrid (Archive 20minutes).

We are going to speak today of one of those American basketball players who finds in Spain the last of his shoe and leave a legacy of good work and professionalism. It’s Elmer Bennett.

Who was it ?: An American base of the 90s and the last decade.

Why is he remembered ?: For his 11 years in the ACB, in teams of the caliber of Real Madrid, Baskonia or Joventut.

What happened to him ?: He retired in 2008 in the ranks of CB Sevilla. Currently, he lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he trains young people.

Did you know … ?: He entered the 1992 draft , but did not debut in the NBA until 1995.

– Atlanta Hawks chose him, but he never played with this team.

– In that draft , number 1 was Shaquille O’Neal and 2, Alonzo Mourning.

– He was the ACB’s top assistant for five consecutive seasons.

– In Baskonia and Joventut coindició with Jose Calderón and Ricky Rubio, respectively, of which he is considered his teacher.

– Only played 21 games in the NBA, in which averaged 2.3 points.

– In Vitoria they renamed him ‘Benito’.

– In his career ACB (361 matches) averaged 11.7 points, 5.1 assists and a rating of 13.8.

– He has two children, who were born in Vitoria.

– It measures 1.83 meters.

Biography, palmares, statistics: Elmer James Bennett was born in Evanston, Illinois, on February 13, 1970. Trained at Notre Dame, before debuting in the NBA he played in minor league teams such as the Rochester Renegade, the Grand Rapid Hoops, the Fargo-Moorhead Fever or the Oklahoma City Cavalry. In 1995 he made his NBA debut in the Cleveland Cavaliers. That same year he had his first European experience, at the Italian Scavolini Pesaro. He returned to play briefly in the Sixers and the following year he returned to the Cavalry. In 1996 he played in Lyon and returned to the NBA again to play in the Houston Rockets. In 1997 he played in the Denver Nuggets and again in the Cavalry. That same year he arrived in Baskonia, where he spent six seasons. Then he played two at Real Madrid, two at Joventut and one at Sevilla, where he retired. In his palmares he has a CBA, two Copas del Rey, two ACB and one Eurocopa of the FIBA.

The title of the video is quite explanatory:

As always, credits to the reference website of the history of the ACB, that of Javier Ortiz.

See you tomorrow.


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