Diputación awards to 16 municipalities ten million more from the fund of reimbursable advances

Diputación awards to 16 municipalities ten million more from the fund of reimbursable advances

In total, in 2015 City Councils have received 50 million euros from the FEAR 2015

On November 30, the president of the Provincial Council of Seville, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, signed a resolution for the award of ten million euros more within the 2015 calls of the Extraordinary Fund of Reimbursable Advances, in order to advance this amount to a total of 16 municipalities charged to the collection of their taxes at the hands of the Provincial Agency for Economic and Fiscal Assistance (Opaef).

Villalobos has been very satisfied with the agility with which this last call has worked, “thanks to the involvement of both municipalities, which have paid special attention so that the documentation presented meets all the requirements, as well as the staff of this Provincial Council, who knows the priority and importance of this aid for our people and puts all the meat in the grill to solve in a timely manner. “

On this occasion, 16 municipalities have been beneficiaries of this fund, for 22 applications that, in total, represent amounts that range from a maximum of 1.8 million euros for Morón de la Frontera and a minimum of 48,000 euros awarded to El Ronquillo.


The transfers will begin to arrive to the municipal coffers in this first week of January. Specifically, the municipalities will receive the following approximate amounts, Alcalá del Río, 310,000 euros; Aznalcóllar, 535,000; Burguillos, 279,000; Espartinas, 631,000 euros; Estepa, 976,000; Gines, 319,000; Guadalcanal, 187,000 euros; Lebrija, 1.4 million euros; The Madroño, 53,000 euros; Morón de la Frontera, 1.8 million euros; Olivares, 443,000 euros; Palomares del Río, 355,000 euros; The Ronquillo, 48,000 euros; Tocina, 929,000 euros; Tomares, 1.1 million euros; and Villaverde del Río, 439,000 euros.


The advance payments of fear

The penultimate edition of the FEAR, awarded at the end of October, made possible transfers for a total of 40 million euros to 63 municipalities, for a total of 98 grants framed in the six lines opened by the institution for 2015, such as both denominated as ‘mandated loans’, the remediation of treasury surplus for expenses and to comply with final judgments imposed on the municipality; the three lines with long-term refund -110 months- for investments and refinancing, both of credit operations subscribed by the Consistory and of Social Security debts recognized in the agreement; and a last one in the short term, for urgent treasury needs.

The president of the Diputación de Sevilla has highlighted “the effort we have been developing from this institution to continue supporting our peoples, with a permanent containment of internal spending and always devising new formulas so that the money reaches the people and not the banks , working to make the most of our resources and making available to the municipalities all possible help. “

Villalobos highlighted the impact of the FEAR funds, on account of the impact of the Law of Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration and the State Plan of Payment to Suppliers on the economy of the town halls, because the first regulation “has closed” them the possibility of signing credit banking operations for the financing of investments and services and the second has involved the conclusion of loans with “an average interest rate of between five and six percent”.


Specific calls

Against this, he argues that between 2011 and 2014, the Diputación de Sevilla has promoted up to eight calls to access the Extraordinary Fund for Reimbursable Advances. “Each of them has served the municipalities of Seville to meet the payment needs marked by reality,” he stressed emphasizing that only in 2015, the municipalities of the province have received advances worth about 50 million euros.

Thus, the president of the provincial institution has desgranado the details of each one of the calls, from the first and his effects on the expenses of the chapter of personnel, or the set up in 2013 to counteract the withholdings in the participation in the income of the State (PIE) suffered by various municipalities.

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