• From mid-April to June, the chain has closed its 24 clinics in Spain.
  • Health recommends claiming and demanding records.
  • They open proceedings against the iDental clinics for a crime against health.

Stock image of a dental clinic. GTRES

The General Council of Dentists of Spain has announced its intention to file a complaint before the National Court against the iDental company, in addition to putting again before the Attorney General's Office the "unfortunate" situation generated after the closure of all clinics this chain in Spain.

Parallel to this complaint before the National Court "if appropriate", this body has assured in a statement made public this Sunday that the official colleges of dentists will inform the prosecution or the corresponding trial court these facts if they were " susceptible to possible scam " .

In this context, they have also announced that they will initiate the corresponding disciplinary proceedings , if the investigation proceedings carried out prove that the denounced facts could be sanctioned deontologically. In compliance with its aims of defending the "health" of citizens, this body has warned that it will maintain "zero tolerance" in this type of situation. It has done so after iDental from mid-April to this month of June, will close its 24 clinics in Spain.

Alicante (Alicante and Elche), Almería, Asturias (Gijón), Barcelona, ​​Cádiz (El Puerto de Santa María), Castellón (Betxí), Córdoba, Gerona, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid (Madrid and Rivas Vaciamadrid), Malaga, Murcia (Cobatillas), Salamanca (Santa Marta de Tormes), Santander, Segovia, Seville, Valencia (Valencia and Alfafar), Valladolid and Zaragoza are the cities in which the chain is located.

Treatments interrupted or not started

As reported by Facua-Consumidores en Acción days ago, at the closure of the centers are added the various irregularities that members of this organization have indicated in their claims "as malpractice, a defective provision of services, lack of adequate care and, in some cases, postponements and cancellations of appointments ".

Facua has reported that many patients "have stayed with their treatments interrupted or not started, after having given a quantity of money directly or previously through a financial". This association has enabled a platform of affected people through the internet, to which more than 226,000 people have already joined.

For its part, in the statement of the Council of Dentists made public this Sunday, this body asks all health departments of the affected autonomous communities "to proceed to the custody of the medical records of patients" affected, "in order to avoid possible deterioration and destruction and safeguard their rights ".

In addition, they have demanded from the administration and the corresponding judicial bodies, "the immediate intervention and the taking of measures aimed at solving the serious situation of defenselessness that affected patients are going through." Among other things, the Council has asked political parties and administrations to regulate health advertising in an "urgent and appropriate manner".

How to act

The dentists have recommended those affected to claim in the courts by civil or criminal as appropriate for the damages caused, while reminding those who do not have sufficient resources to go to the legal aid.

Also, that they keep all the documents they may have of the clinic, advertising leaflets, budgets, contracts, safeguards, among others; and that they put the corresponding claims, in addition to iDental, in the Department of Health and the General Directorate of Consumption.

Evaluate and analyze "carefully" other offers that may be received from this time of other clinics, financial, law firms, that offer to "solve" their situations, is another of the recommendations of the Council.

Recently, the new administrators of iDental announced through a statement that they were working to offer the "best possible solution" to the problems that afflict the company, with the aim of "solving the current situation of workers and employees."

The company is confident that " progress will be made in the coming weeks," according to the statement. In addition, the current administration of iDental reported that it had filed a "complaint against the previous management team for the irregularities detected in the management."

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Home Help Center Installment Loan Interest Rates and Terms Question

Home Help Center Installment Loan Interest Rates and Terms Question

If borrowers get into financial difficulties and can not pay individual installments, some banks grant a deferral. For some installment loans, the conditions for such a rate suspension are already regulated in the loan agreement. Other banks grant a rate suspension but only after individual consultation with a consultant.

Even during a suspension, borrowers are not always allowed to stop paying. Often, they must at least pay the interest portion of the installment during a rate suspension.

Since the loan is not repaid during the installment suspension, this usually extends the repayment term. Some banks also charge additional fees for a rate suspension. With an appropriate filter setting in the loan calculator on Verivox.de, interested parties can search specifically for loans with a possible installment suspension.

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 Save money with VERIVOX, the tariff experts. The independent consumer portal compares tariffs and products for free in the energy, telecommunications, insurance, finance, vehicles and real estate sectors. VERIVOX makes every effort to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information presented, but can not guarantee this or the performance of the provider.

Change car insurance: Find new fare until the end of November

Monday, 04.11.13 , written by Christian Hafler Motorists who now change their car insurance can save a lot of money next year. A recent test shows that a saving of more than 1,000 euros can result from a clever change. But beware: a cheap car insurance is not always the right choice. >

Angebote vergleichen und Kfz-Versicherung wechseln

Now save money and change car insurance

Who wants to change his car insurance, should act now. As every year, insurers are once again vying for customers this November. Clever motorists can make a bargain here. A price comparison is worthwhile for almost everyone. According to Stiftung Warentest, it is even possible in some cases to save almost 3,000 euros.

Change car insurance: Everyone can save

The savings potential of car insurance is higher than that of any other insurance company. Since many insurers will increase their prices at the turn of the year, tens of thousands of motorists are currently thinking about changing their car insurance. For many of them, it is worth taking a few minutes to compare the offers. Even if you do not want to change the provider, you should take a closer look at the prices and conditions of the other insurers. Many providers can indeed negotiate with them, if you put them a cheaper offer of the competition on the table.

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Save with the change over 1,000 euros

A recent study by the independent Institute for Insurance shows the average savings when motorists change their car insurance: The price range between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance according to the study result is around 1,300 euros. Another investigation of the Stiftung Warentest promises even more: With a change in individual cases, it is even possible to save almost 3,000 euros in motor insurance, it says in the current motor insurance test 2013 by Finanztest.

Change car insurance: decide for a test winner

Insured people who want to save and change money in the coming year must now look for a new provider. Where there are the good rates, you can read in current tests. In the magazine Finanztest (issue 11/2013), for example, the motor liability insurance policies of DA Deutsche Allgemeine (Basic and Comfort) and Direct Line (Basic and Classic) were named test winners. Motorists looking for partial comprehensive insurance are in good hands with DA Deutsche Allgemeine (Comfort), Direct Line (Basis and Klassik) and Hannoversche, according to the financial test. The best liability insurance with comprehensive insurance, according to the testers according to Direct Line (Basic and Classic), DA German General (comfort) and Asstel (Plus).

Price, performance and service of the car insurance test

Another study, which focused on the fairness of motor insurers, has recently produced quite different test results. In a customer survey conducted by Service Value, insureds selected the direct insurers Asstel, ERGO Direkt, Hannoversche Direkt, HUK24 and the providers AachenMünchener, ADAC, DEVK, HUK-Coburg, LVM Versicherungen, Signal Iduna and WGV as test winners. At least here it is clear: When the car insurance is not just a good price. At least as important are customer-friendly conditions and a good service from the provider. If you just switch to a cheap car insurance, you have to do without it in case of doubt.

Change car insurance until 30th November 2013

Before changing car insurance, it therefore makes sense to compare the price, performance and service of insurers in detail. This works best with a free car insurance comparison on the Internet. If there is an offer here that makes the change worthwhile, the termination must be received by the old provider by November 30, 2013 at the latest. For motorists who miss this deadline, their current contract with the current insurer will be extended for another year so that they will not be able to change their car insurance until next fall.

  • Here you can find tips and more information about car insurance. >
  • Christian Hafler
  • editorial staff

More news about car insurance

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Telematics tariffs in motor insurance: Axa mixes up market


finanzen.de News always well informed
With Axa, the next car insurance has now brought a so-called telematics tariff on the market. This is only aimed at young drivers and works via a smartphone app. In addition, the driving behavior of motorists is not permanently monitored, but only for a certain period. The company thus sets itself apart from offers from other insurers.
Kfz-Versicherung: Axa startet Telematik-Tarif
Monitoring the driving style of motorists via telematics tariffs

For young drivers car insurance is usually very expensive . Because the lack of driving experience has a negative impact on the contribution amount. All the more interesting for inexperienced drivers so-called telematics tariffs. Anyone who is prepared to monitor and evaluate their driving behavior via a black box or an app can significantly reduce the premium for car insurance . A corresponding tariff now offers the Axa. “Axa DriveCheck” is aimed exclusively at young drivers up to 25 years. Compared to many other providers, the driving style of the insured is not recorded permanently, but in a freely selectable period of a maximum of twelve weeks .

Axa: Discount already at decision for telematics tariff

Persons hoping to save on the new Axa telematics tariff must have their driving behavior monitored for at least 600 kilometers during 40 individual journeys. The insurer provides a smartphone app for this purpose. This assesses braking, acceleration, speed and cornering , taking into account the traffic and weather conditions. The better the rating, the higher the discount insured can expect. Up to 15 percent are possible . Motorists already get a 5% reduction on their choice of Axa telematics tariff.

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Telematics Tarik in motor insurance: Insurers are promising high savings

Axa is not the first car insurer to target its telematics tariff on young drivers. Sijox , a Signal Iduna brand, has also been offering car insurance for customers up to the age of 30 for some time, and the driving behavior can have a positive effect on the contribution. Here, a so-called OBD connector is used, which registers the driving style. The insurer promises a 15 percent discount at the conclusion of the “AppDrive” tariff; another 25 percent can be added with a very good rating from the car driver . However, car insurance is linked to the “My Mobility” insurance package, which includes traffic rights protection and accident insurance.

Criticism of telematics tariffs

In addition to Axa and sijox, other auto insurers such as S-Direkt, Admiral Direkt, VHV, Allianz and HUK-Coburg are now also offering or planning telematics tariffs. These differ for example in the promised contribution reduction. All so-called “pay as you drive” offers , however, has in common that they are controversial among privacy advocates . They fear the glass car driver. Although the companies like now Axa emphasize that “all data protection conditions are met, such as’ an encrypted data transmission, comprehensive information of users about data processing and a dedicated data collection and anonymization of the data.” Nevertheless , insured pay possible rebates on motor vehicle Insurance with the disclosure of a number of important personal data .

It is also questionable which factors constitute good or bad driving behavior . For example, full braking can have a negative impact on the rating. Whether this was necessary because the vehicle in front abruptly slowed down and thus an accident was avoided, is so far irrelevant or not measurable.

Here you can find tips and more information about car insurance.

The demands of Catalonia, the Government's main challenge in future regional financing



Rajoy y Mas

The head of the Government, Mariano Rajoy (i), and the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas. BALLESTEROS / EFE

The Government of Mariano Rajoy faces, as it happened to José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the challenge of achieving a model of regional financing that will satisfy all the autonomous communities but without looking at Catalonia.

The Catalan statute conditioned the funding model that in 2009 promoted the socialist government and remains in force all this year, a system that the popular reject and have promised to change, although at the time, when it was approved, the PP communities abstained and they recognized that it brought them more resources.

On this occasion, the recent meeting between Rajoy and the president of the Generalitat , Artur Mas, raised suspicions about the possibility that the Executive would respond to the economic demands of the Generalitat – which wants a bilateral financing agreement – to stop the sovereignty consultation .


Last Wednesday, Rajoy called the unity of its regional leaders , promised to talk to everyone about the funding and assured them that he does not intend to talk to anyone -in this case with Mas- what is out of the law.

The PP seeks a unified position

From the Popular Party, his deputy secretary general of Autonomic and Local Policy, Javier Arenas, has assured that there is no intention to repeat the “bilateral” experience of the Zapatero Government with Catalonia that gave rise to the current financing model.

Arenas admits that the popular are “aware” that there is a “complex situation” in Catalonia that must be addressed and to which the Government is dedicating “many energies”.

But the “final balance” they want, he adds, is an agreement that includes all the autonomous communities within the framework of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF).

Sánchez-Camacho has aligned with the nationalists in the aspect of asking for special financing for Catalonia He has also assured that the PP will maintain a “single position” in the reform of the regional financing , and sees it compatible with the presidents of the communities who governs his party defend their specific interests.

There will be some threads that will mark us all, ” continues Arenas, for whom the model must respect the Constitution, allow the financing of basic public services and guarantee solidarity between territories.

The popular leader rejects so that there will be fundamental differences within his party in this negotiation that is expected to be arduous and on which many popular barons have begun to put conditions on the table.

For example, Alicia Sánchez-Camacho , president of the Catalan PP, which on Friday said she will defend “until the end” a unique financing model for Catalonia , within the common system of the CCAA, and did not rule out even breaking the discipline of voting your party if your proposal is not accepted.

Others, on the other hand, have already warned that they will fight for a common model, such as the president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González, who does not want “a la carte for some against others” models and will fight for there are no “grievances” such as those that, in his opinion, Catalonia wants to promote.

And in the middle of this debate that is still beginning, proposals arise as the one of the minister of Outer Subjects, Jose Manuel Garci’a Margallo, on the possibility of transferring to the communities the hundred percent of the IRPF.

The PSOE will not allow “discrimination” between communities

The Socialists say they are willing to sit down to negotiate the new financing system, aware that the communities are struggling economically that the current model did not foresee , nor the loss of income that the crisis would entail.

Socialist sources have explained that they will formulate their proposals when the government agrees to speak in a “serious and rigorous” way and not by means of simple “probe balloons ” such as those that, according to the PSOE, are launching until now.

The Andalusian PSOE warns that it will not allow the money of its citizens to be used to “silence the pro-independence demands”. Its bases will be solidarity between territories, collaboration and sufficient funding for public services, taking into account that 75% One hundred percent of the spending of the autonomies is dedicated to health and education. What they will not allow is that there be a discriminatory treatment of some autonomies with respect to others.

A thesis defended this week by the leader of the PSOE, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba: ” There must be a treatment under conditions of equality , based on the principle that communities have significant financial difficulties.”

An equality that will have to be seen if it is also defended within the PSOE itself , where territorial differences can also arise.

The parliamentary spokesman of the Andalusian PSOE, Francisco Álvarez de la Chica, already warned, after hearing the meeting between Mas and Rajoy, that his party is going to oppose “radically” to that “a penny of the Andalusians” is destined to “silence the independent claims “ of Catalonia.

The deficit and the case of Catalonia, outstanding issues

In what coincide the PSOE, the PP and most of the parties is that the model that ends up being launched is not discriminatory and guarantees solidarity.

CiU will not yield until it reaches a “bilateral relationship” with the State, according to its Economy spokesperson, Josep Sánchez Llibre. Yes, CiU warns, in the middle of this debate that opened the Rajoy-Mas meeting, that ” Catalonia is committed to a model that contemplate a bilateral relationship with the State “and that allows the creation of a tax agency of its own.

These are the words of CiU’s economic spokesman in the Congress, Josep Sánchez Llibre, who in any case emphasizes that this training is intended to intensify dialogue with the central government as much as possible.

While waiting for the negotiation to start, in Izquierda Unida there is skepticism about the position of the Government, because they understand that both in this issue and in others, the Executive seeks to advance in the “recentralization” of the State and reduce the communities to mere delegations. of the central power, according to the sources of the training.

In the same way, IU believes that the Government wants to “criminalize” the autonomies in this environment of economic crisis .

That is why he demands that, in the same way that he asks the EU to relax the deficit target for Spain, transfer this flexibility to the communities , and negotiate individual deficit targets, something that the Government is already studying.

Totally against agreeing a deficit “on demand” is the “number two” of UPyD , Carlos Martínez Gorriarán, because he considers it a tool of “political pressure” that starts in Catalonia.

The German model, by which the richest länder contribute more so that the rest have enough income, like UPyD On the financing model, Gorriarán explains that UPyD is seeing “with enough affection” the German model , according to which the Länder richer contribute more to the system so that others have a sufficient level of income.

Insists, in any case, that the autonomic powers should be set with “precision” and is in favor of the communities manage their own taxes, provided that it is done with “rigor”.

For Ana Oramas, of the Canarian Coalition, if the melon of the regional financing is opened, it must be to solve the issue of the competences of the autonomous communities. He also hopes that the new model will end the “great distortions” of the current one, which have had a “terrible” effect on his community.

Oramas warns that Margallo’s proposal to cede 100% of the IRPF would mean that the poorest regions would remain so and a “solidarity coefficient” would be necessary.

Over 40 providers in occupational disability insurance comparison 2016


Over 40 providers in occupational disability insurance comparison 2016

Whether students, employees or self-employed: The current occupational disability insurance comparison 2016 of the business magazine € uro gives them a first orientation, which offer providers the best protection in case of disability. Significantly more insurers can convince than in the previous
Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung Vergleich 2016: Wo am besten versichert
Best disability insurance for employees and students

In the current occupational disability insurance comparison of € uro (08/2016) together with the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg, over 40 providers were tested for their services and premiums for four different customer groups: students, employees (bankers and sales managers) and self-employed . While a 23-year-old law student was used as a sample customer for students, a 45-year-old barber represents the group of self-employed. For employees, there are two model customers, a 30-year-old banker and a 45-year sales manager. The desired pension payment for occupational disability varies between 1,000 and 3,000 euros per month.

Occupational Disability Insurance Comparison 2016 shows big differences

For the current investigation, € uro has assessed, in addition to the contributions and benefits, which additional criteria the insurers meet. Thus, the tariffs get pluses, for example, if they offer a reintegration help or a Nachversicherungsgarantie. In this case, insured persons may adjust the amount of their occupational disability pension without a renewed health examination.

Overall, the experts give 29 times a very good rating . Compared to the previous year, more occupational disability insurance companies have convinced us in the test. However, eleven times the grade “insufficient” was distributed, many other offers are also poor, according to the testers.

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Best insurance for students inability to work: 5 top rates

According to the current test, five tariffs are available for students. Compared to the previous year, students thus have much more choice. At that time there was only a very good offer for her. In 2016, the following insurers secured the top grade:

  • Europe – starterVorsorge BU Premium
  • Volkswohl Bund – SBU Perfect Start
  • Nürnberger – Beginners BU according to tariff SBU2800FC
  • Gothaer – BU Premium with starter option
  • InterRisk – SBU tariff EcoPlan XL

11 other offers are rated as good , 13 as satisfactory, 11 as sufficient and 4 as poor. WGV (RLV I BUZ), VPV (SBU) and CosmosDirekt (RLV I entry-level BUZ comfort protection) receive only an insufficient grade in the 2016 occupational disability insurance comparison.

Occupational Disability Insurance Comparison 2016 offers first market overview

€ uro points out that “even the smallest deviations from the example case can lead to big differences” in the evaluation. Accordingly, in the customer group employees different rates get a very good rating, since the age, the occupation and the amount of the desired monthly pension differ for the two model customers.

Interested persons should therefore only take the occupational disability insurance test as a first orientation . As a next step, it is recommended to get a personal offer. It is possible with the help of an expert in the selection of a suitable disability insurance, to make anonymous inquiries. This minimizes the risk of receiving further negative feedback from other providers after a claim has been rejected by an insurer, for example due to pre-existing conditions.

Best disability insurance for employees:

  • Canada Life – SBU
  • Nürnberger – Self-employed BU according to tariff SBU2800C
  • HDI – SBU EGO Top
  • Iptiq Life SA – SBU Community Life Job

Only banker:

  • Gothaer – BU Premium
  • Dialog – SBU-professional
  • Basler – BU

Only sales manager:

  • Barmenia – SoloBU (L3651)
  • Stuttgart – BUV-PLUS, tariff 91
  • HanseMerkur – SBU Profi Care
  • Allianz – Disability Policies Plus (E 356)
  • ERGO – occupational disability insurance
  • Nuremberg officials insurance – self-employed BU according to tariff BSBU2800C

HUK24 (RLV 12.1 I BUZ BB-BUZ Premium 10.1), HUK-Coburg (RLV 12.2 I BUZ BB-BUZ Premium 10.1) and for bankers CosmosDirekt (RLV I BUZ Comfort Protection) and VPN (SBU) are rated insufficiently.

Best disability insurance 2016 for self-employed

In the field of self-employment, seven tariffs in the occupational disability insurance comparison receive a very good rating in 2016. These are:

  • ERGO – occupational disability insurance
  • Stuttgart – BUV-PLUS, tariff 91
  • Basler – occupational disability insurance
  • Europe – BU-Vorsorge Premium
  • Nürnberger – Self-employed BU according to tariff SBU2800C
  • ARAG – RLV (A131) I BUZ (B188)
  • ERGO Direct – SBU fare Q25

In contrast, CosmosDirekt (RLV I BUZ Comfort Protection) and R + V (BV03) are insufficient.

Here you will find tips and more information on occupational disability insurance.

Instant Cash Loans For Unexpected Emergencies

The majority of us would have gone through a down economy when borrowing money urgently was the only option

It may be to pay the house rent or get the roof repaired, to satisfy hospital expenses or even to look for that very attractive end-of-the-month-sale!

Select a loan provider that you are interested in doing business with plus submit your application. The first query you will likely be asked could be the amount of money that you would like to lend. The information that you will be required to publish is quite simple. Most of the web payday loans direct lender ask for your complete legal name, address, SSN, your driver’s license number as well as your banking account number.

Payday loans are immediate loans to help cover an instantaneous need for fast cash. These people work great for some people whenever to push a transaction off to the next pay period. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who never use these loans correctly and then get stuck investing extra money if interest paying out the loans off long-term. Because these loans are started to be paid off quickly, clients will want to make sure that the mortgage amount plus the fee could be covered with their next salary. The whole purpose is to assist your financial situation, not damage it.

If you want money today and have to obtain payday loans direct lender then one great benefit you have is that the process is definitely super fast- better to go straight to the lenders. Payday loans direct loan provider are a really quick method to get a cash loan.

Have you ever been in a situation to have little money has been for leisure?

If yes, then you definitely realize that is not funny. If you can’t run or do anything you want to feel, probably greater than a little worse “or frustrated about the situation. Now think about payday loans direct lender what would happen if you do not can afford the important things in life.

Another advantage associated with payday loans is that the qualification qualifying criterion is simple. No credit check is going to be done. This not only expedites the process, but it also means that you do not fail to qualify just because a person made some bad monetary decisions in the past. This is the finest advantage of payday loans over loans. The maximum amount of money that the loan provider will avail you differs from one jurisdiction to the additional, but it is fairly large plus enough for most financial events.

Payday loans may often obtain a bad reputation because they are outside of the traditional lending system. Additionally, they are often misunderstood and abused which leads to people blaming the particular payday loan system instead of since those borrowing who might sometimes be at fault. If you are smart about payday loans and discover good direct lenders intended for payday loans then you should look for a payday loan may be a wonderful way to pressing money issues.

Death benefit insurance: as bad as your reputation?

Wednesday, 19.08.15 , written by Anja Schlicht From the point of view of consumer advocates, a death benefit insurance is not one of the most recommended insurances. But the need is there, after all, older people do not want to burden the costs of their funeral with their relatives. Consultants have Sterbegeldversicherung für Beerdigungskosten vereinbaren

Be prepared for death

More than ten years ago, the statutory health insurance still paid a death grant, with which the cost of the funeral of the deceased could be paid. Even though the money was only a drop in the ocean after numerous cuts, legally insured persons could at least rely on financial support . But the performance has long been canceled . To be able to pay the cost of the funeral, without burdening survivors after death , interested parties can take out a death benefit insurance. It is used to set a certain amount that will be paid in the event of death, thus allowing a funeral that meets your own wishes.

Term life insurance as an alternative to the death benefit?

But consumer advocates are critical of the death benefit insurance. It is too expensive , the money could also save consumers through a bank account. But interest in life insurance continues to exist – perhaps because the money is being targeted , while a savings account could be used for other uses in the event of financial constraints. In addition, the citizens are late in dealing with the topic of dying and burial . The endorsement of term life insurance as an alternative to death benefit insurance, which is often recommended by consumer advocates, then threatens to fail because potential insureds are too old or have to pay high contributions as a result of a health examination.

The answer to the question of whether a death benefit insurance is worthwhile, must eventually provide a consultant. Because he knows the advantages and disadvantages of this insurance and can estimate based on his experience, how personally meaningful the hedge is.

finanzen.de Tip: With finanzen.de you do not have to look for potential customers as a consultant. With us you can eplicitly buy leads on this topic at low prices and get in touch with people interested in closing quickly . Since the cost of a funeral can add up to several thousand euros depending on the type of funeral, the death benefit insurance as a cross-selling option is also an interesting form of provision for other older customers whose leads you can buy from the lead exchange.

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The property of prisoners in Spain: a balance of 16 million whose income is no longer free

  • This is the money received by prisoners of authorized family members for their expenses in the prison stores.
  • Coffee, tobacco, cleaning products, soft drinks and other products are those that prisoners can acquire with a card that has a weekly limit.
  • The money of Soto del Real prison (Madrid V) is the most substantial, with 618,944 euros.
Soto del Real

Soto del Real prison in Madrid. EUROPE PRESS

Almost 16 million euros amounted in May to the balance of the prisoners’ money, deposits that authorized family members make for the expenses of the inmates in the commissary and that are not free, since most of them are made by money order (costs 1, 95 euros) or bank transfer, which also have a cost.

Coffee, tobacco, cleaning products, soft drinks and other products are those that prisoners can acquire with a card that has a limit of money for the week, what is known as money and that is nourished by money that relatives or authorized relatives they enter the corresponding penitentiary center account.

As of May 30 this year, the balance of the 83 penitentiary centers, including the CIS, dependent on the general administration of the State -all but those of Catalonia-, was 15,921,199 million euros , which would mean an average per inmate of 313,7 euros if it were distributed among the approximately 51,000 current prisoners.


These are data that come from a parliamentary response from the Government to socialist deputy Antonio Hurtado , who was interested in the balance of the money for each jail, the bank in which he is admitted, the cost to the person making the deposit and the way in which this one has been established.

The Government relates in its response the money of each of these 83 accounts and that of the Soto del Real prison (Madrid V) is the most substantial, with 618,944 euros.

They are followed by the prison of Valencia (589,330 euros), Madrid VII Estremera (537,464), Madrid VI Aranjuez (534,772), Mallorca (534,559) Algeciras (530,529), Madrid III Valdemoro (508,663), Zaragoza (498,309) and Sevilla II Morón ( 490,788 euros).

According to the Executive, the accounts have been contracted with the Bank of Santander on February 8, 2017, an entity that was awarded after no other wanted to accept the conditions of the contest, which had to be repeated.

Three methods to enter

The Government reminds us that there are three ways of depositing money in the accounts of funds, one of which is the imposition in the windows of the penitentiary centers, to which the relatives can go and do it for free.

Another way is the bank transfer from the relative’s account to the account of the money and its cost depends on the conditions that the client has contracted with his entity.

And the third form is the administrative postal order , which has a fixed cost for the sender of 1.95 euros for each tax, and which was fixed by Correos through an agreement with the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions on April 1 of this year.

According to the PSOE, Santander demanded that revenues were not free

Hurtado has lamented that “before the relatives fed the balance of the money without any cost and now they have to pay”.

According to the Socialist deputy, in the last award, the Bank of Santander “demanded as a condition that income not be free” , but “depends on the conditions agreed upon by the bank with whom it makes the deposit”.

The parliamentarian from Córdoba has also indicated that the windows have been put back into operation in the penitentiary centers so that authorized family members and friends can also enter the premises at no cost. A return to the box that “has caused a lot of discomfort among the officials” , as specified.

For all these reasons, Hurtado describes as “regrettable” that this service is not free and that the bank “does not even lend itself to a social contribution of such little cost to them”.

“The lack of solidarity on the part of the bank will lead the Administration to assume a much higher cost having to enable windows in each of the 83 prisons,” he concluded.

Madrid studies possible irregularities in Gallardón contracts with Lehman Brothers


Ayuntamiento de Madrid

The Palacio de Cibeles, headquarters of the Madrid City Council. EUROPA PRESS / TOWN HALL OF MADRID

Madrid City Council is studying possible indications of administrative irregularities in the contracting with Lehman Brothers produced in 2007, under the mandate of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón , the Consistory said in a statement.

Thus, the City Council is studying a loan, a loan that a credit institution grants to a public administration, hired in 2007 with the company Lehman Brothers. According to the documentation studied, the offer could have been modified after it was submitted and became more expensive after closing.

It is a debt issue, financing formula that turned out to be tremendously expensive, ” well above the average financing of the Madrid City Council”.


In 2007 the Consistory of Madrid was forced to obtain more than 400 million Euros to face the payment of the investments that it was undertaking during that same exercise. Then it received the approval of the Ministry of Finance to issue debt, an essential requirement because it exceeded the permitted ratios, and opted for the public call.

In 2007 the Consistory of Madrid was forced to obtain more than 400 million Euros to face the payment of the investments that were undertaking during that same exercise In September of that year it was sent to 35 credit entities from the area of ​​Economy and Finance , directed at that time by the current president of ADIF, Juan Bravo , an invitation to present tenders to issue a loan for ten years of 200 million euros (fixed interest and variable interest), another loan to fifteen years of the same amount (fixed interest and variable interest) and a loan of 95 million.

The offer selected for the issue of ten-year debt was presented by Lehman Brothers , an entity that had not previously signed contracts with the Madrid City Council, while Barclays Capital, Dexia and JP Morgan were awarded the loan for fifteen years and Depfa He took care of the loan.

The official invitation sent by the City Council underscored the need for the offers they submitted to be insured, that is, that the financial institution would guarantee the necessary funds even if there were no financiers in the market (buyers of the debt).

According to the file studied, several offers presented did not contain this assurance , for which reason they were declared null and void without the possibility of correction.

However, in the award report it is specified that the Economy and Treasury area contacted Lehman Brothers, who had not specified this requirement in the officially submitted bid, to clarify whether their offer was firm and insured. He got a reply by fax confirming it. “Everything indicates that it was accepted as clarification what could be considered an essential change in the offer, ” they point out from the Consistory.

New added cost

The contractual conditions specified in the invitation sent to the 35 entities indicated that costs that were not duly detailed in the offer would not be accepted. In the case of Lehman Brothers, a communication was sent days after the offer was presented in which a new cost could have been added. He was referring in particular to an annual remuneration of 4,000 euros as payment agent.

The Madrid City Council will study the signs detected to clarify whether there were irregularities . Among the possible irregularities detected is also the modification of a competing offer.